Sunday, April 18, 2004


Wayne Jacobson is spending the weekend with us Apex folks. He is really good for us. I missed half of the discussion yesterday due to a commercial gig, but it was great to be there in the afternoon. Life on the journey means learning to live loved by Father, growing in trusting Him, experiencing the freedom of his love, being a family with each other and sharing the love we know. I can do that. I like a faith like that.

Whenever I am with Wayne I leave wanting to believe in the God he believes in. I have been risking life with that sort of Father for a few months now. It has been rewarding and challanging...challanging to let go of the God I thought I knew and receive a Father who loves me.

It's left me often at a loss for words and a loss for actions. To live my life and be loved is enough these days. Father is changing me.

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