Monday, May 03, 2004

So, you're a star, huh?

I had another audition today for what was supposed to be a video game and ended up being a reading for a commercial of some sort. I would play a poker dealer...which shouldn't be a problem. I did some extra work on Miss Congeniality 2 last week. (See below for my thoughts on extra work.) It worked out well though. I was pulled to the front and asked to do a scene with Sandra Bullock. She has a stool thrown at her and ducks....and then I have to jump over it. It contained about 2 seconds of real acting, so that was exciting. She introduced herself to me as Sandy and seemed friendly enough. I wasn't star struck at all. Quite the opposite. I think that being awed by a famous person is ridiculous...but so is being jealous of one. That's my weakness. I don't want her fame or money...just her ability to act whenever and with whomever she wants. Overall though, I'm managing the envy pretty well. It's silly. I have all I need with my faith, my family and my friends. Sometimes you just wanna get on the phone, call your agent and say "I feel like playing a jaded ex-con with ocd and a tatoo on my forehead...make it happen." Is that so bad?

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