Tuesday, June 29, 2004

It's all Ernie's Fault

I am poor white internet trash...meaning that I have to go to the public library to use the internet. It is good to be among the masses. Ben Franklin is probably really proud of me. (He fought for state funded libraries back in the day.)

I'm very grateful for the Caldwell's generosity...but their internet connection s-u-c-k-s. So...here I am. Us poor people get 60 minutes of computer time per day, then we get booted. I have 41 minutes to go. Most days I use up all of my time returning e-mail and checking casting notices on four different websites. I also have to use these computers to print things, since the Caldwells, God bless them, have printer issues too. (I really, really am grateful.)

I fax things from the UPS store, where my mail comes and goes. All matters, personal and professional, now go through my cell phone. My car contains every significant file, book and item of clothing that I may need for work.

I have never been more mobile. Life has never been so...nomadic. I sort of like it, but even I have times when I long to settle down. We will settle, for three months anyway, at the Nyberg pool house soon. (Please, call me Kato.) It will be the first time that my family has lived in a home alone for over two years. We are looking forward to remembering what that is like. We have no idea where we will go after that...none at all.

Work stuff progresses. I have averaged one audition per week. I haven't averaged one job per week, but we are ok for now. I may get a gig next week and I have an audition tomorrow for a national commercial. I'm still working six nights per week at Tony n Tina's.

Apex is going to start meeting monthly instead of weekly, which I feel good about. Next week I am going to spend Thursday in Phoenix at the North American Christian Convention. Greg and I will be leading some workshops there about church as we see it. We probably won't be invited back.

Next week I start a six week acting class with Gerald Gordon, a respected acting coach in town. He's very eccentric. I like him already.

I plan on blogging more frequently in a few weeks, until then you will have to spend more time actually interacting with people and things in the real world.

May you have peace.

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