Tuesday, October 19, 2004

We're Home

Our trip was great. Three days in San Francisco and three in LA. We were able to sleep in everyday, compulsively overeat and entertain ourselves to death. You know it's a good trip when you are completely ready to come home.

My mom survived the kids and they were very happy to see us return. Debbie will tell you all about the food, so I'll give you a quick entertainment synopsis:

1. The Producers (Touring company) in SF was great. It was opening night and fun to see them fight through a few technical problems.

2. Stand-up Comedy in SF-7 locals. It was OK. One girl was great.

3. Friday Night Lights (movie). I loved it...one of the five best sports movies ever. I think Deb fell asleep.

4. The Groudlings all improv show. The hilight for me. My old teacher, Jeremy Rowley, was in it...along with Jordan Black (who rocks) and the lady who played "Brow" in Austin Powers. The celebrity guest star was the girl from Yes, Dear.

5. Improv Olympics show. Yeah, it sucked. It was worse than the worse comedy I had ever seen before. Bad.

6. Mean Girls (movie). I thought that it was funny. I also think Lindsay Lohan is a real actress.

7. Garden State (movie). So glad we caught it in the theater before it left. We saw it at a really nice theater on Sunset/Vine. Tickets were $14, but everything was great. The movie made me want to be an actor...oh yeah...

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