Saturday, March 19, 2005

Me-Vo...or Ti-Joe...

I'll be on your TV set twice this week...or only once if you don't have cable...or not at all if you don't turn it on.

Sunday, March 20: Travel Channel, "Vegas Urban Legends" 8pm and 11pm. (I play the guy choking on a poker chip...)

I also just got word that I will be shooting a spot on Sunday that will air this week either Tuesday or Wednesday. I guess a few people watch this show:

American Idol on Fox. I play the lead in a music video/Ford commercial with the Idols. It's the first thing that I've landed from an LA audition. It's pretty cool. I'm a little concerned about the cheese-factor...but it's my first network gig!

I've already filmed two other TV projects coming later this year: Breaking Vegas (History Channel) and Quake (BBC/Discovery Channel.)

I guess I'm almost an actor now...weird.

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