Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Midweek Update

My ever practical friend Doug Parks came to town two nights ago and planted many seeds of doubt regarding my plan to buy the Prius. Allen's comments made me a little suspicious as well. I think we will be looking for something cheaper that gets good gas mileage.

No auditions this week so far, but I have two tomorrow. Debbie has been working more and more with the catering company, which she seems to really enjoy. It's a little strange for both of us to be working...a little odd that we now have three part-time jobs between us, but overall things are good.

I'm teaching again at the main church services this weekend for The Crossing here in Costa Mesa. That means I have the Friday teaching, two on Saturday and three on Sunday. I can see a Sunday nap in my future. I'll link the weekend message to my blog next week for those of you interested.


Susie Bageant said...

Joe I highly recommend looking at the Volkswagen TDI's== I have the diesel Jetta and it has been great with very few problems! I get about 47 miles to the gallon and sometimes better! Mine is an '02 with over 71,000 miles and the only things i have had to do are minor maintainance!!
That's my 2 cents anyway! Good luck!

TariLynn said...

Joe, another great vehicle that we just bought is the Saturn Vue... it's a crossover car/SUV, but it's wonderful and great fuel economy... and they are FUN to drive!!!

Good Luck! Tari and Brent

p.s. hey, we'll be in San Diego August 23-27 and are hoping to get together with you all.

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