Friday, November 17, 2006

Today: Pretty Much a Waste

Pretty much these days I am trying to balance three jobs (not counting the whole parenting and husbanding professions.)

Those three jobs would be acting, producing and the part-time work that I do for The Crossing. For a while the producing and acting felt like one in the same, but as both progress I am starting to realize that managing my time and my schedule becomes even more important. I did not have an audition today so my plan was to spend the day working on several things for the film as well as my lesson for Lifelines tomorrow night. That's a solid eight hour work day. The problem with my plan came when my agent called and told me to get to Santa Monica asap for a straight to callback Office Depot commercial audition. Somebody messed up in the planning of the commercial because you never get called an hour before the audition...and it shoots in two days, which is a very fast turn-around. I should have been suspicious early on.

The audition was a complete embarrasment. Not on my end, because I never got to actually audition. I drove for one hour and sat in the waiting room for over two hours waiting to get in. Everyone in the room (and there were lots of us) grew more and more impatient. Finally, the casting director just came out and sent most of us home. This violates about a dozen SAG rules, so maybe I'll get some fat penalty check in the mail next month...but it was a complete waste of time. Then Los Angeles conspired against me and it took me another three hours to get home in rush hour traffic. Now it's 9:43 and I didn't get to do anything I was supposed to do today.

All that, and to appease my lovely wife Grey's Anatomy is our number one priority Tivo show (her favorite) and The Office (my favorite) is our number two. The geniuses at NBC decided to run them head to head tonight so Tivo killed The Office gang in favor or a bunch of brilliant Seattle surgeons all of whom aren't bright enough to have a normal social life.

Well, I think I'm done complaining now. I need to get to work anyway...


Meghann said...

I love the Office and Grey's Anatomy too, so I will watch The Office on TIVO and Grey's on the computer for free at Pass that along to Deb. Miss you guys!

Phil said...

Ok, my only question is if you've seen the British Office. Nothing against the Am Office, but the British Office is truly a piece of art-something that transcends its medium. Back in NC my roommate and I hosted multiple British Office parties and showed it pretty much to anybody who walked through our door. It's the only dvd I've ever bought (but not the only one I own-thanks to Tommy and Meghann hooking me up) and I've shown it to a round of friends here in J-town. It's simply genius.