Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Things are Improv-ing

More and more I am realizing that my Improv background helps me out in tinsel town more than anything else. I have finally started to get a little connected with the casting directors and producers who focus a lot on improvisational shows. Thursday I am auditioning for the first time for Reno 911. It's an improvised show on Comedy Central. I'm excited for it.

Later the same day I have a general interview over at NBC regarding a series regular role in an improvised pilot that they said was "Punk'd meets Wedding Crashers." The show is produced by Ashton Kutcher and Jason Greenberg who do Punk'd, which I have auditioned for about five times in the last year. I've had a few series regular auditions at a network, but never a "general meeting." I'll be interested to see what it involves.

I also have a callback for a Chevy commercial tomorrow. It's been really busy and hectic since Thanksgiving for me. Today was the first day that I actually had some "free" time which I spent working on Hitting the Nuts and Lifelines.

We are having several house guests over the next few weeks...Mom and Dad are coming for a few days this weekend which should be nice.

Tis the season afterall - sunny and 80 degrees today in LA. Ho. Ho. Ho.

"I hate living in LA just like everyone else, but I make the best of it because I am virtually unemployable anywhere else in the nation" -a quote as best as I can remember it from Matthew Perry on Studio 60 last night. It made me laugh.


Ramon said...

I know you are busy -- but damn, about time you blogged!

Much love, my friend.

Adam said...

I recently read a little about you in Emerging Churches (Gibbs & Bolger) and really appreciated your comments. I also blogged a little about it. Anyways, I searched for you on the web and found this blog. Thanks for the words you shared in the book. I definitely resonate with much of what you said.

Sean said...

Hey Joe,

So, landed L.A. representation from the production of "The Pillowman". She plans to send me out to L.A. a ton. Looks like I may become a regular annoyance. If we are with in twenty miles of each other at any given point, I think lunch should be mandatory.