Saturday, January 13, 2007

Thanks (Ultimate Poker Challenge)

I've received several e-mails and a few voice-mails from people who enjoyed my commentary on the Ultimate Poker Challenge TV show. (Lots of "new friends" from Canada for some reason - thanks for the encouragement, ey?)

Some have asked if I will be on again. I'm contracted for up to 100 shows in 2007, but not gauarenteed any. They have brought on several other co-hosts and seem to be rotating us in and out. If you are a regular viewer of the show and liked my work feel free to drop the producers a note. (You can find their info at Don't bug them if you just know me, but they would want to hear from true fans I'm sure.

I actually haven't seen my episodes yet, though I know they have aired in Canada and Las Vegas. They show is syndicated in many markets - you can find your local listing at

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