Thursday, April 26, 2007

Idol Gives Back

I am a semi-closeted American Idol fan. Debbie and I watch it after the kids go to bed. I am nothing if not cynical. Most of my humor as a teacher and comic come from my uncanny ability to be cynical and skeptical of everything. The greatest compliment I can give to the "Idol Gives Back" effort this week is that I was never cynical throughout the process. I was actually very proud of everyone involved.

I have said before that Bono is a brilliant theologian and that I truly believe he understands the reality of the Kingdom Among Us more than most. I respect that he has been able to pull so many people together through the ONE campaign while keeping his day job as a rock star. I've linked ONE.ORG to my blog (my first ever "banner") I've also signed the declaration on the ONE website and invite you to do the same.

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ScottVW said...

Welcome to the One Campaign! I'm a fellow blogger who linked to your page from a friend's blog, and I'm glad to see another blog with the One campaign banner. I've already signed the One campaign pledge. How do you think we could do more to support the campaign? I'm not super-political, but I do care about this issue, and I'm glad to see all the missionary groups that are being supported by the campaign. What do you think?