Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Day 19 of 10

I finished the OT early this morning on my ten day reading plan that should actually come in at around 25 days. I fell asleep reading Hosea last night and had some very odd dreams. I can't really remember the details, but they were in a series and I felt half-awake during them. I was paralyzed and God was telling me words to say but I couldn't remember them fast enough to write them down. I figure if it really was God, he'll give me another chance tonight and if it wasn't, I should just not read freaky prophetic passages at bedtime.

Happy 4th...

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Wayne said...

HEY .... you think!! Shhessh! Glad to hear you made your way thru it without too much psychic damage. So you only have 185 days to go ?????