Thursday, August 16, 2007


We closed on our house this morning at 9:00 and the movers arrived at 1:30. Spent the day opening boxes and searching for the essential things like sheets, soap and the kids' video game system. We are exhausted but happy to be here. It still doesn't feel very real, and I am have a hunch it will take a while for things to sink in. The kids are about as happy and excited as they have ever been. They each have their own bedroom for the first time and they love playing in the basement and yard.

Tomorrow will be jam packed with everything people do on day two of a move. Off to bed now...


Unknown said...

Joe & Debbie,

Welcome Home.


Anonymous said...

Joe and Debbie,

Welcome back to OHIO!!! Please drop me an e-mail with you information

See Ya,
Paul Chandler