Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Eastside, yo.

My friend Jonathan Wolfgang lives here in CIncinnati. We were in Las Vegas together, but he moved here a few years back to be the pastor of a church called Eastside Christian Church. We would often teach for each other in Vegas, and it appears to be a continuing trend. I'll be teaching this weekend over there if any of you eastsiders want to come hang out.

Before that there is turkey to be eaten and football to be watched. We'll be heading to Indiana to have Thanksgiving with Deb's family for the first time ever. That's happy news, but it will also be our first T-giving apart from our Las Vegas family in 13 years. That was quite a run.


Mo said...

You'll have to tell Jonathan I said hello - I loved him and his wife. Great people!

Helen Ann said...

I grew up on the East Side in Mt. Washington. Please give it my regards! And have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Jenn Clark said...

This will be the 5th Thanksgiving that Justin and I will not be spending with our Vegas Family, but we still keep one tradition alive. We still watch Christmas Vacation on Thanksgiving and think about our Vegas friends and family while we watch. Happy Thanksgiving! Eventually we'll have to get together with you and Deb.


Joe said...


We just bought Christmas Vacation to force our family to watch with us as well...funny.