Wednesday, December 05, 2007


As you can see in this picture, it snowed here today. School was canceled. (They never canceled school for two inches back in my day.) The kids were trying to build a snowman and sled in our flat backyard when I left for work this morning. The snow is novel and interesting, but it is starting to feel extra cold now. I'm that annoying guy who moves to a new place and can't stop talking about the weather. I tell myself every morning that I'm not going to mention how cold it is and then it's the first thing I say when I see someone. I'd be annoyed if I was my friend.


Greg said...

Well, I guess you can be glad you don't live up here by a lake like we do? We have gotten around a foot of snow over the past three days or so... and it's not stopping! Temps in the 20s and 30s (or lower!)

I'm loving it!

But you still couldn't annoy me. I'm too giddy from the beautiful white covering on my world!

Whoohoo! :-)

Matt Olds said...

We miss the snow...but not the cold. We're visiting Columbus for we'll get our fix.

Helen Ann said...

It is freakin' coollllddd...When is summer going to be here??