Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tooting my own Blog-horn

Yesterday I was watching election coverage on MSNBC and one of the guest analysists was the writer of a political blog. Under his name it said, "Innovator of the blogosphere. Blogging since 2002."

I had to check my old blog to make sure, but I've been at it since August of 2002. I was in my twenties when I started...I'm turning 35 in a few weeks.

Therefore, I hereby humbly accept the title of "Innovator of the Blogosphere."

This concludes blog post #589.

You're welcome, world. :)


ylmurph said...

I remember it well - I actually linked you to my blog once you finally got it going. I think it was about 6 months into my having my little web log.

This was roughly 17 years after I started up a little thing you may have heard's called the world wide web.

you're welcome

Annie Michael Murphy said...

I started my blog when I was 6 months old and then I spoke Russian and flew to the moon after I invented flying. So yeah.

Greg said...

Yes, Joe, you were the impetus for (est. 08/2003). You were the innovator of the blogosphere to me! So... thanks :-)

And though you've had a few different URLs since then, your posts continue to populate my RSS folder.

miah said...

as i recall, i was really sweaty that day.

Joe said...

Ah, yes. Thanks to Miah for giving birth to my blog in his Manchester, NH home. He and Kevin Rains were there in person to witness my first post..They are super-innovators.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the insight on your life and your walk with God. It has been great getting to know you again.

Your Friend,

debbie said...

That Annie Michael Murphy is one witty gal. . . I'm still giggling at her comment! Sean Michael Murphy - pretty darn witty - Annie Michael Murphy - wittier.