Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The Power of Practice

I started running about two years ago. I had no real training or equipment. I still don't have the right shoes or a fancy GPS system that tells me my route and heart rate. I don't subscribe to Runner's World. I don't have much of a desire to run a competitive 10K or anything like that. Much like Forrest Gump, I just started running and running and running. And I accidentally became a runner.

Last night I ran farther than I ever have before - just under 8 miles. I had been running about 4 or 5 miles lately and just decided to go longer. It wasn't hard. I just did it. Because I have been doing it for a while, it was relatively easy. I thought back to my first few runs around my neighborhood two years ago. I couldn't run a half mile without walking. I can remember when I first ran one mile without stopping. It was a big accomplishment.

Lately I have wondered how many other things I could just start doing. Maybe if I picked up a harmonica or a unicycle or whatever I would be able to use them in a few years. Maybe I could do both at once...then we'd be onto something.

Or maybe if I practiced patience or kindness or self-control everyday it would be easier to be the sort of person I want to be. Practice and repetition are powerful things. They can transform you from a guy who can't run a half mile into a guy who can easily run a quarter marathon. I accidentally became a runner. It just makes me wonder what else I could accidentally become if I just started practicing.


random blogger said...

i sense a new teaching series at VCC...."Practice Makes Perfect" .."be perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect"..the disciplines of a Christ follower.

on the running...good for you!

Mandy Grisham said...

I just started running in Feb...completed my first race a few weeks ago...ran 6 miles the other day just to see how far I could go...Ran 2 miles today to see how fast I could do it in! I've challenged myself with the same question you pose. At the moment, I feel the guitar and songwriting calling me. I should give Deb a call!