Friday, January 14, 2011

Discipleship as an Invitation to "Kick My Butt"

Something happened to me yesterday that hasn't happened in a long time. I had coffee with a stranger who attends The Vineyard. That happens all the time...that wasn't the odd thing. The surprising thing was his posture. He wasn't in crisis, at least not the dramatic sort of crisis many of the people I meet with seem to be in. He wasn't trying to sell me on anything. Most amazingly, he didn't say what so many people say to me in similar situations - that he wanted to "pick my brain" or "get some advice." It would be wrong for me to tell you his name or story in a public forum, but let me just say he began our conversation with this, "I want to know God better and I need a coach. I want you to be my coach and kick my butt."

That got my attention. Christians talk a lot about discipleship. We have discipleship programs, philosophies and goals. Many of us carry around guilt because we aren't discipling someone or being discipled.

It appears to me that what many of us need is the humility and courage to approach someone with this attitude. I wonder what would happen if everyone reading this went to someone ahead of them in the journey and said, "I need your help. Tell me what to do and I will do it. Kick my butt."


Ben-the-Painter said...


I respect this and that is why I am asking you now your opinion on this matter. I have seen that honesty and openness is a good thing with in the Church as WE can be a support to one another as God's Children. How would you feel about such honesty and openness with in a public forum such as this per say if you were in my shoes telling my story of the conversion experience I had with the Holy Spirit as it is embedded with experiences and details that give light to both the good and bad of my charcter and personal inheritances or malidies of health. It would be a bold move. But, will it do less good than say the harm that it could produce in my life? Or should I leave that potential of harm my way up to faith in God for deciding? Kick my butt with an answer that you think is right please?

Ben Kaczmarek.

amymck said...

I would love to have someone I knew I could go to and say that and know they would lead me the right way. Been hurt in the past just by being open and sharing, without even asking them for help. Mentoring is a much needed part of the church family, and was part of the early church that Paul wrote about in Acts. It is definitely something that should happen more often. Nice to see he found someone so willing and capable to lead him! Way to be the example!

amymck said...

okay, see I do need a mentor to guide me! Despite the A I got in my class on Acts last semester, I mis-wrote Paul wrote Acts, I meant Luke! Couldn't edit my comment! Sorry!

Ben-the-Painter said...

Well... to truelly respect where you are coming from Joe with the humility and looking up to someone of who is further along in there Christian walk than I am, I would have asked you to potentially meet me in person and give me your 411 on the tenants of the faith and then go live them out. I'm still willing and open to such a gathering. Forgive me for my initial commentary.I am sure that I am not quite where you are at in the faith as my forwardness sheds proof of this. I still could learn something...well many things I'm sure from you or Dave or many of the pastors there at the vinyard. :-/ This I know, I am eager to grow in my faith with others. I just don't know how much leaping-faith I have sometimes. Hardship is the thing in my life that usually sheds light on this as I am sure it is for anyone. :)


Ben-the-Painter said...

*And my slow-to-reasoning and where my heart is in the moment and any moment that sheds proof of where I am in my faith. :-/--For what its worth at this point. I always look up to you and Dave as examples of intelligable and experienced members of the faith. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and humility with VCC and those that are seeking the faith including myself. :)

Dr. Miriam Kinai said...

Mentoring is Biblical for the Bibles gives us examples of mentors and mentees such as Moses & Joshua, Elisha & Elijah, Paul & Timothy and I think it is an honor and privilege for both the mentor and mentee because both of them grow in the mentoring process.

But, in those situations where one can't get a "suitable" mentor e.g. due to time or logistic constraints or due to trust issues as mentioned above, I would suggest seeking the Holy Spirit's guidance every day and before you make any important decision.
But, some situations, one may not be able to find a willing mentor or the time

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