Thursday, January 09, 2003

This and That...and more of This

My lovely wife got me improv. acting classes for Christmas through Second City. (I'm not sure if that means she thinks I am a good actor or a bad one!) The classes start Feb. 3 and run eight weeks. I am very excited and a little nervous. It's supposed to be for real actors, but they are letting me in.

Kenny Parker, a good friend and roomie to be, and I have been thinking through an idea to start a new business in the performing arts arena. I hope to unveil it to all of you in a week or so. I am very excited about what it could become and the potential to see the gospel sneak into our local culture through the arts.

I had lunch with my life-long friend and mentor Kevin Odor today. He means so much more to me with every passing year and has taught me the true nature of humility and servant leadership.

Tomorrow my wife and I will celebrate eight years of marriage (our anniversary was dec. 31, but babysitters are hard to come by these days...) It has been a wonderful journey with her and I am so blessed to be accepted and loved by her. I hope to be able to drive her a little less crazy this year than last year!

Thanks for the e-mail, Heidi.

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