Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Oh Hell

I have been reading a little too much Martin Luther of late...He was so messed up that I'm actually starting to feel better about myself. One thing that I have been noticing is his emphasis on death as penalty for sin. In essense, death is evil and not part of God's perfect design. To make it simply a passage from one reality into another benigns it too much. Theologically speaking, death sucks. There is nothing good about it. Luther's lack of attention to Heaven and Hell are also noteworthy, especially considering the popular notion that he was motivated by a fear of hell. His focus seems to be more along the lines that Death (the anticipation of, event of, and continuation of not living) is Hell. Heaven, then, is the hope in Christ that we will live again without fear of death after death has passed.

For some reason, thinking this way has made me despise and fear hell more (annihilation is so much more scary to me than eternal fire) and realize that I have all along been longing for heaven...if heaven is simply a secure and eternal life with God.

For a few of you this is forget about it and pick up the new comic book series "Brath" by Crossgen...its pretty cool.

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