Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Am I Having Fun Yet?

I have had the strangest reaction to my Second City improv. classes. I can only classify the emotion as "fun." I cannot remember ever enjoying something so much as I have these classes. (I just finished the fifth of eight sessions today.) Now, I know that I have had much deeper joy and fulfillment in other areas of life, but this is really high on the straight fun-o-meter. It's everything that I tried to make all of my other hobbies become. Here are the reasons why I like it so much:

1. I feel accepted there.

2. The people there seem to want me to work with them.

3. I just feel like one of the gang-most don't know that I'm a "pastor" yet.

4. It's freeing to take creative risks in a safe place.

5. I think a lot of my classmates understand the creative torment of an artist/philosopher type of person.

6. They all knew my name before the first class was over...and I knew all of them.

7. Overall, I feel like I'm pretty good at the actual improv. work.

8. They all compliment me, much more than most of my Christian friends.

I'm sure there are some other reasons, but those were the first ones to come out. I find myself curious as to why the community there seems so much stronger than many of the churches that I'm trying to help out. Makes me wonder if we Christians are just too serious sometimes...or if maybe its easier to feel accepted at acting class because we can be less vulnerable and hide our personal stuff behind the art. I'm sure that my new friends need Jesus, but i was floored to find out how much I need them. These twelve relatively pagan people have taught me more about church than any book I have ever read...maybe God will let me bring Jesus into the community somehow. I'm going to invite them to the Saga Jesus Show in April. Please pray about that.

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