Thursday, January 20, 2005

A Good Month

January has been good career wise. I will do my third commercial of the month Monday. This one is for a time share spot. (I get to take my shirt off for a spa scene, so you all know how much I like that...) I wrapped a Bellagio in house spot this morning at 5:00.

I also booked two days next week filming an Apprentice spoof with David Brenner, the comedian. It pays pretty well. We aren't wealthy by any means, but I'm amazed to say that I will make more money acting this month than I used to make in a month at the old job. Who knows if it will sustain, but I hope so. I haven't had to sub teach in eight weeks...which is the greatest gift of all.

My play closes this weekend, with performances Friday and Saturday night. It has been a good thing for my confidence and personal artistic fulfillment, even though it's been rather lightly attended with no pay.

The short film progresses nicely. We are going to shoot either the third or fourth week of February. Funding is coming in...we have raised all but $1,000. Thanks if anyone out there has helped out.

Hope you are all well.

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