Thursday, January 06, 2005

Wanna Help me make a movie?

I have been rather quietly writing and producing a short fim for the Cinevegas film festival this summer. My acting coach, Gerald Gordon, is directing it and it looks as though we have just landed a very talent Director of Photograpy from LA who is also a past student of his.

We should be shooting either the last week of january or the first week of february. It's a married man's love story...I'm looking forward to telling it.

I could use a little help if anyone is interested. It's mainly cast, but we will need some people for smaller background roles in a wedding scene, a bar scene and an opera scene. Also, if anyone wants to work as a PA (Production Assistant) during the shoot let me know. (This would mean being available the week of the shoot to help the director, cast and crew.)

We've had over $30,000 worth of equipment and services donated, but could use about $3,000 to complete it. I'm not asking my poor and struggling friends for money, but if you have some extra cash and have ever wanted to be an executive producer of a film...let me know.

Just Email me if you're interested in any such things... my email is linked in the upper right corner of my blog...

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