Sunday, June 18, 2006

Deep in the heart of Texas...

I've been in Dallas for about five days's hot and very different than LA. It reminds me of Ohio with Las Vegas weather. The people are generally very nice and excited to see us. They think the stuff we are doing is cool. We spent a Day at Six Flags and another at the Fort Worth Zoo. The zoo was my favorite venue yet because I like zoos and we were given a tour before the park opened.

I miss everything about home. Debbie and the kids first of all, but also the work at church and in Hollywood. Strangely, I've missed my friends from Vegas more than ever. Just part of being alone I guess.

It's not a crippling or anything, just noticable. I'm actually very glad to be removed from the people and things I love because it is making me love them more and helping to sharpen my thinking about the future. I look forward to coming home a little different.

My new friends are great. They bought my dinner tonight at Olive Garden for Father's Day. We have had a lot of laughs and some very deep and spiritual discussions. I'm happy to be on this particular journey.


steve&jules said...

There's nothing like distance to give you the greatest perspective on the things that matter most. Steve and I just got back from camping with Cae for two weeks in BC (Tim's old stomping grounds) and we valued that time together SO much deeper knowing he's off to sea again soon. God Rocks in that way- what a gift He reminds us He is all we need, but also just how much we take the people we love for granted in our comfortable lives. Congrats on your bedhead tour- praying it'll go fast for all of the Boyds. jc<><

ps So great to see Deb & Aidan- she's so beautiful, and he is soooo big & handsome!!!what a gift,j

Ivetica said...

"We can barely be trusted to love, how could we possibly be trusted to fight? This is generally why I am a pacifist...not because there is never a time for battle, but because there is no human being wise or loving enough to discern when that time is. At least I am not."


I've been mulling over this comment
for a few weeks now. Although I appreciate your artistic gifts, and your ability to express yourself, I'm eternally thankful that your musings weren't espoused by those who fought 60 years ago in Normandy, nor are they espoused by those who still fight today against militant Islamo-fascists who'll stop at nothing to make Americans suffer, and die.

True, we ought to 'trust in someone greater than us to do the fighting' in spiritual terms, but that doesn't mean that that 'Someone' (God) doesn't take our cognitive/thinking abilities away and thereby make every decision for us! He has given us the ability to reason, to think through, and to weigh decisions with regards to moral issues. Is it your opinion that we shouldn't kill those who will stop at nothing to kill all of us (the 'infidels')? Where exactly do we 'draw the line' and fight, versus 'dialogue' with an enemy who will do no such thing--an enemy who only wants to see the death of America? When, Joe?

You or I might not be wise (or loving) enough to determine when
the time for battle is at hand (your words, not mine), but that doesn't mean that the war that America now faces against militant Islam isn't just, isn't right.

Or hey, maybe 'the beautiful ones'
in Hollywood truly do have all of
the answers, eh? GEORGE CLOONEY
FOR PRESIDENT!!! After all, he's so beautiful, and so smart, right?


P.S.--Totalitarianism (in the form of Communism) totally sucked under Castro. My family suffered like you'll never know. But maybe I'm too opinionated, eh? Please, tell me your thoughts (or just delete this whole annoying entry, and chalk it up as some right-wing asshole who thinks that 'Dubya' walks on water?--I wouldn't be surprised if you did, Joe).

Joe said...


Your passion is inspiring...and yes, I do believe that we should let "the infidels" kill us if that is what they want to do. But I define "us" completely differently than you do. America probably shouldn't let militant terrorists kill them on purpose, but when I speak of us I do not speak of America because I am not fundamentally an American, but a member of a divinely birthed community of slaves on a mission of peace.

If my story is fundamentally an American one then Normandy and 9-11 and other similar events become the catalytic moments of my story. Since my primary story is messianic/divine and not political/human, these events, however catastrophic or self-preserving, become, upon deep reflection, less significant to the emergant kingdom of love. (ie: the kingdom would still be breaking into humanity with or without these events and their outcomes.)

I didn't used to think this way. I used to think they way you do and might very well think that way again before I die. But this is how I feel at this moment sitting in a Dallas hotel room.

Secondly, I find it very sad that you would dismiss someone because they are beautiful or smart. I was somewhat joking about George Clooney in a previous post, but he may very well be a brilliant and loving person. I don't know him. The fact that he is in Hollywood and an actor doesn't necessarily disqualify him as a meaningful person. Just as those facts in no way qualify him for anything outside of his field.

The bottom line for me is that my guru, whom I have sworn my life to, was tortured and killed as a terrorist though he had done nothing but love and restore hope to the poor. I would much rather fight evil with my hands, with guns and bombs and sharp words. But my guru has asked me to fight evil with I try to do that.

I would never erase your's very honest and real. I was able to clarify my thoughts and won't engage from here on in a lenghty debate on the issue. I hope it helps you see where I'm coming from. If we know each other outside of the blog world please email me so that we can speak as friends...if not, the best to you. I would encourage you to seek the truth in all matters and ask God for continued guidance, as I am sure you do already.