Thursday, September 14, 2006

Devestating News

I'm sitting at the Diedrch Coffee on 17th Street in Newport. There are forty of these coffee shops in Orange County. Diedrich's is one of my favorite things about living in OC. Sitting at the Diedrich's in Laguna Beach was one of the fondest memories of my early vacations here with Debbie before we had kids.

They just sold to Starbucks. All 40 stores.


I shouldn't let this make me sad. It really sucks though. I've never been a Starbucks hater...I just like this place better-the coffee tastes a little better, the people are a little friendlier and the wireless internet is free.

I might have to start hating Starbucks for this. Only time will tell.

If the prophet Nathan were here, he would march up to Seattle and tell Starbucks the story of the one little ewe lamb...but, alas, Nathan is gone...and so is Diedrich's.



Jennifer said...

Don't know if it is any help to you to know that Starbucks bought Seattles Best and didn't change a thing. They just bought it and left it the way it has always been. Hang in there Joe! Maybe nothing will change and you can still enjoy the coffee in OC

Jennifer said...
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