Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Full Speed Ahead

I try to post two or three times per's really hard to believe that it has been seven days since my last entry. In the last week I have started and completed a film called PERSPECTIVE. It's an art-house piece going the festival route. I played the lead...a guy who loses his job and has to deal with the pressures associated with that. It was a good time and I met some really cool people whom I hope to work with again.

I am down to the final few guys for hosting the Ultimate Poker Championship TV show. I got an email yesterday that said they had not made a decision. I feel like I would have heard today if I got it, but you never know for sure. It would be over 100 shows and create some stability...would be an interesting thing to have happen. I'll post when I find out.

Two auditions today that went very well. I've had a strong run this month.

And I am actively seeking investors for my feature film in my spare time. I took a whirlwind trip to Vegas...less than 20 hours total, to meet with several people who are helping me secure funding. We're movin and grovin with this thing. It's going to happen. The official website for the film will launch Oct. 25 and I will be sure to post a link here. Until, then you can check out the myspace page on the side margin -->

Personally, the family seems happy. The boys are taking tennis lessons after school on Mondays and they both really like it. For those of you who know mom and dad, I'm excited to announce that dad took a new job in Kansas City with a different oil company. We've been praying about that for a long time. It will be odd to not visit them in Columbus, but it's a very good thing.

Here's to life as an adventure. Cheers.

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Susie Bageant said...

Joe, just want you to know that I pray for you and the family often and I love reading what you are up to! I also have to say thanks because I am now totally hooked on Studio 60!
Please send my love to Debbie and the boys,