Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Actor's Life

I worked yesterday on a prime-time soap. It's called American Heiress and will air starting in March on MyNetworkTV - a Fox affiliate cable station in most every market. I has a co-starring role as the assistant to the main character in the first episode. It was good to work...however:

As always happens to me, I missed a call-back because I was working. It was a big national commercial and they were only calling back a few guys. I'd rather be working on a TV show than auditioning for a commercial, but it does illustrate how insanely complicated life as an actor can be. My last big commercial callback was the same story - I missed it because I was filming a TV show. A good commercial can generate much needed income for people like me, so it just gets frustrating. If I'm lucky I'll pull in $2,000 after residuals for my soap work. The commercial could have been 20 times that...ah, well. It's never been about the money - until the rent is due anyway :)

I've booked a mortgage infomercial that shoots Friday...a typical talking head bit about refinancing.

Having my own film to produce is a wonderful distraction from the hustle of auditioning and double booking. It is good to know that no matter what I am involved in a project that I really believe it, etc.

Oh, and by the way...I woke up yesterday with a monster pimple on my face - the kind of tumor that I haven't seen since high school. So despite the best effort of the American Heiress makeup department you and millions of others will get to see it in early March on national TV. My life rocks.

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