Friday, February 02, 2007

Updates Galore

I'm happy to announce that the film I am producing (Hitting the Nuts) has officially partnered with That's Hollywood Productions, a company based at Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank. Our affiliation with them is opening up tremendous doors in every area. We will be doing investor meetings at Warner Brothers and in Las Vegas (probably at The Palms) in about four weeks with them. They have produced two other films recently at the same budget level, both of which went on to DVD distribution and profitability. I am officially very excited now. I'll be working some at their offices in Hollywood...

Additionally, we have added professional poker player and author Charlie Shoten to the project as Executive Producer. I really like Charlie personally and have enjoyed getting to know him. He is the author of a poker/self-help book entitled No Limit Life.

Add Pilot Season to all of this and I'm a pretty busy guy. I've had a steady stream of auditions, though not many pilots. The folks at NBC (someone there anyway) have taken a fondness to me. I've had several improv-based pilot auditions there. (Look for a lot of game show/improv hybrids this year on network TV if my auditions are any indication.) It's an interesting time to be an improviser for sure. This week I had several commercial auditions and booked an infomercial. Next Tuesday I film a supporting role on the soap opera "The Heiress" which will play nationally on MyNetworktv. It's channel 13 in LA. Check their website for your affiliate and I'll let you know what day you can see me. I also booked a part in an indie film that has had production pushed back - which means there's a good chance it won't actually ever happen.

Lots of fun little things are happening...would be nice to book a commercial or something to pay a few bills, but I can't really afford to complain. You'll know more when I do...thanks for reading.

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