Monday, March 12, 2007

I'm on TV Tuesday Night

I have a co-starring role on American Heiress this Tuesday, March 13. It is the pilot episode of a night-time soap opera for My Network TV. I play one of the assitants to the main character and have about four lines. It is channel 13 in LA/'ll have to check local listings to find out where it is on your dial.


Robb said...

hey man-

Just saw you on "heiress". Nicely done. Any upcoming episodes for you? Did you actually drive the Escalade?

Proud of you man-
robb (bob from the office)

Sherry said...

We taped the episoed and then watched your part over and over again in slow motion.I love T-VO!It was great!Did you realize that you made about five different facial expressions in one shot? The best part was Shad sitting next to me thinking every guy with dark hear in the show was you. Overall, very cool seeing you on the tube!You were great!Can't wait to see your movie! Can we come to the screening? I promise to leave the T-VO at home!

Greg said...

We TiVo-ed as well, and I will freely admit we only watched the show to see Joe. :-) AND, Shad is not alone in his mistaking EVERY other guy on the show for Joe! At 2x TiVo speed we were stopping all the time saying, "Was that Joe? Was that Joe??" How'd they get so many Joe Boyd look-a-likes? :-)

Nice job, Joe! We watched your 30 seconds with the Velasquezes (Scott & Leah) who came over for lunch yesterday. It was a big CBC/Joe Boyd party! (We were even eating Skyline for lunch!)

And yeah... did you really get to drive the SUV?