Saturday, March 31, 2007

What do Anna Nicole, Craig Ferguson and Will Ferrell have in common?

The weeks are flying by lately. I feel like I just posted here, but it was a week ago. This week coming up includes our presentation at Warner Bros. for my film and a spring break trip to Kansas City to see my parents' new place. We are all excited to leave town for a few days and see them. I have an audition next week for the Anna Nicole TV movie - nice, huh? It's actually for Larry Birkhead, whom I don't think I look like at all. I was submitted for Howard K. Stern and they said I look more like Birkhead. It's all so crazy anyway. Nothing says "the next step up" from soap operas like a TV movie!

The new improv show "Thank God You're Here" airs on April 9. I have a feeling it's gonna be big. I had auditioned for it a while back along with several other improv shows coming out soon. I just auditioned for a new improvised pilot hosted by Craig Ferguson called The Wizard. Lots and lots of improv stuff out there and I'm hoping to land something fun.

Debbie and I have lined up a babysitter tonight, which can mean only one thing - Blades of Glory! Nothing like Will Ferrell in spandex on a Saturday night. The previews feel more like Anchorman than his last few comedies, and that is a very good thing as far as I am concerned. I'll let you know what I think afterward. I have happy comedy vibes right now though.

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