Saturday, May 26, 2007

My Wife is Hot

Here's a picture exposing our true selves...thought you would enjoy. I know that Debbie will love that it is posted on the world wide web.

It looks like we have some positive movement on the film I'm producing...I can't share anything publically yet, but hope to be able to next week.

I enjoyed teaching at The Crossing last weekend and you can listen to it via podcast on their website at


Sherry said...

Tell Deb I miss her beautiful face!!! You guys ROCK!

Mo said...

I love it! You both were made for each other. Miss you bunches. As I drove through Ohio and Indiana, I thought of our trip out and what was that one church that started with the letter Z? Man, there were some good laughs that trip!!!

Jenny said...

Thats my girl!! My favorite is when she holds her breathe under water with her top lip! PRICELESS!!