Saturday, June 02, 2007

So, It's June...

I started a new Lifelines series going through the book of James tonight. I think I made it through about five verses in 45 minutes, so we may be there for a while. I have come to enjoy teaching more of late. It has been a constant in my life through the years regardless of whatever else I may be doing.

It has certainly been the slowest season yet as an actor. I haven't had an audition for a few weeks. I haven't gotten out yet with my new agent, but TV has shut down for the summer and things tend to slow down. I'm not really discouraged about it, but it is obviously slower. Things with my own project continue to grow and morph. It ebbs and flows on a daily basis. By all accounts it is in a good place, however uncertain at the moment.

The kids have less than three weeks of school and then summer will be upon us. I am happy for them, though it makes our day to day schedules much more unpredictable when they are home. Eli turns eight in two weeks, which is insane. I made the biggest decision of my life when I was eight and it formed me into who I am will be fun to see what this year holds for him.

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Greg said...

Hey Joe :-)

Ian is eight, going on nine this year. I thought a similar thing before he turned eight. I remember being eight. I suppose I remember beginning to become my own person?

Thanks for the reminder to watch, listen to, and encourage Ian as he does the same.

What was your big decision? I just remember learning to program computers at eight... :-)