Monday, June 04, 2007

Rich Mullins meets Youtube

A few months from now will be the tenth anniversary of the death of a friend. When we knew each other I was a teenageer and he was about the age I am now. I can't say that we were great friends but he always remembered my name and the names of my friends. He would spend a few weeks every year with my group of friends and we would just hang out, ski, and sing together. I believe that he subconsciously influenced what I believe about God more than any other teacher of my youth. I stumbled upon all of the same authors that influenced him shortly after his death. I would doubt that one week of my life has gone by without listening to his music. It is my heart music. Deb used to make fun of me for listening to his early eighties albums because they are full of cheezy organs and are rather poorly produced. They haven't held up so well, but the lyrics generally have.

Rich Mullins was the first Rebel Pilgrim that I ever met. He had issues, but he had perspective. He loved the poor and he loved being with us kids more than the adults. He gave most of his money away and wasn't afraid to let God change his views. He smelled like incense and rarely bathed. I miss him and my biggest regret is that he died before I could have one last talk with him to let him know that I finally understand what he was always trying to teach me.

I found Rich on youtube tonight. You can look him up there too. It was emotional to see him again and a little odd to see how similar I have become to him as a teacher. Here's ten minutes of vintage Rich for you. He speaking to a group of evangelical Christians in Texas. It's fun to watch him masterfully critique them while they laugh as if he is kidding. Enjoy...


Kris said...

If only you knew how truely insane you really are! Just kiddin'...
You and Rich share so much in common! You even stand the same way, while you speak...tell jokes, laugh, and put Jesus in the middle of it all!
So glad to know you and your family, my friend...
Next time unlock the bag!
Ha Ha

Laura said...

"God is right and the rest of us are just guessing."

Love that line!

Thanks for posting this

myrrha said...

hi joe
i was just googling Rich Mullins and youtube to find the clip i had been watching last night and i came across your blog.
Thanks for posting.
Everytime I read of someone else who has been inspired by Rich, I feel I've met another ragamuffin brother.

stay small
be shiny

Chris said...

Funny. Though I never met Rich I got choked up just reading your blog of a page. I didn't learn about him till soon after his death when I finally began to start giving in to growing up. Though I may not be his number one fan, my friends laugh at me saying "I can't believe you're still into him." Amazing how many lives one can touch when he focuses on Him and not himself. Thanks. Chris

angela said...

Rich Mullins was the first christian musician I heard when I started my walk with God, and after many years I find myself growing more by coming back to his music and learning more about his life. I have been truly inspired by him, and hope that I can teach my boys what I have learned through him