Friday, September 12, 2008

The Road to Emmaus, PA

Here is the official movie poster for VCC's first feature length film, The Road to Emmaus, PA. We had hoped all along that our four-day trip from Jerusalem, Ohio to Emmaus, PA would produce a feature documentary. It couldn't have happened without two of my friends pouring in hours and hours of editing work. Norm Freitag spent weeks watching the over 50 hours of footage and cutting the project down to a 90 minute story. Then, over the last several weeks, Mark Denney has led us through the final stages of seeing our dream come true. Their selflessness and resolve will be something that I will always remember about this project.

As I type this, Mark is working to wrap up the final edits so that we can meet our deadline for the Derby City Film Festival in Louisville on Monday. I'm hopeful that they will aceept the project and premiere it there in mid-October. We'll also plan a premiere at VCC sometime this fall.

I'm honored to be a part of this project, but even more proud to call these guys my friends. They're amazing.


bshawise said...

no love for Mat and I? nothing about how much you love our sassy wisdom and camaraderie? nothing about Mat's lumberjack scent or my passion for ornithology? we're bruised. and crushed. we probably won't speak until we have a heart-warming reunion at the oscars. (i smell a sequel)

Joe said...

i love mat and brad so much it hurts my spleen.

Ed Hatke said...

it should be "no love for Mat and me?" rather than "Mat and I." no wonder Joe's spleen hurts.

Jim said...

you got to be kidding me? a film on this?

i hope you guys have thick skins.

vineyard was a captive audience, not sure what reaction you would get out of a general audience. I thought you were streachting the vineyard audience on this on.

Ryan said...

Where can I get a copy? And I didn't know you were in Naperville! Im back home, in Warrenville!