Saturday, October 04, 2008

quote me on this one

I'm not a big quote guy. I tend to zone out when people quote something to me. I can like pithy sayings as much as the next guy, but they just aren't normally my thing. That said, I'm gonna share this quote with 6,000 of my closest friends this weekend. It's a quote from Ivan Illich recorded by Tim Costello on his website and then recorded in my buddy Neil Cole's book, Organic Church. So I'm not even sure who I'm really quoting, but here ya go:

Ivan Illich was once asked, ‘What is the most revolutionary way to change society: Is it violent revolution or is it gradual reform?’ He gave a careful answer: ‘Neither. If you want to change society, then you must tell an alternative story’, he concluded.

I think the gospel dwells in the truth in that quote.

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It's always cultural.

Stories are how folks make sense of their lives.

Right? Wrong? All concepts relative to culture.

Love and Compassion? Universal.

Test it. You are officially dared.

Risk a little to save a little, ... risk a lot to....

preacherman said...

I want you to know that I enjoyed this post. Great quote. I totally agree with
She makes great points. I am looking forward to what others have to add to the discussion. Rebel Pilgrim your blog has bless my life. Thank you and hope you have a great week!