Friday, November 07, 2008

We're Rolling...

Last night we had one of the most exciting meetings since I came to VCC. It seems as though God is continuing to bless us in the area of film and video production. Mark Denney, director of The Road to Emmaus, PA, has agreed to direct our the video section of The Re: Gifter, our Christmas experience. Mark's a real professional and it amazes me that he will do these things as a volunteer. His wife Bekka Prewitt-Denney is also working as 1st AD. She's a local professional actress and has all the skills to be a great AD. Isaac Stambaugh is helping produce and working as 2nd AD and Brad is directing. It's such a great team...but that's just the beginning. Dozens of VCC'ers have emerged to work as production assistants, make-up artists, set designers, location scouts, audio mixers, gaffers, etc. Brad and Bekka have been working hard to build the team for weeks, but from my perspective it just seemed to appear. It was a wonderful and encouraging thing to see it all begin to materialize.

The cast of the film is very small...just a few people. We are set there, but there are still plenty of places to add new people, especially anyone with professional sound or lighting experience. There's a full stage production crew building too, so if you have any interested in volunteering now is the time to jump on board. It's gonna be a blast. Contact Brad Wise and he can get you in touch with the right person to join the team.

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