Monday, April 27, 2009

Can a scientist believe in the resurrection?

As a follow up to this week's teaching at The Vineyard, I submit a lecture by N.T. Wright. Click at your own risk. You'll need your thinking cap and an hour to burn. The first man to speak isn't Wright. You can skip the first five minutes of introduction to get to the lecture if you'd like:

N.T. Wright Lecture on the Resurrection.


photogr said...

For some reason the link is not working. Very long delay in loading on high speed internet connection

Joe said...

hmmm. works for me. maybe just give it some more time? you can google "NT Wright and resurrection" to find his stuff if you want. Or order his book Surprised by Hope.

photogr said...

Thanks . I will do that.

photogr said...

I did find some information on this. To say it got my head spinning is an understatement.

However from what I studied, he did not mention any thing about scientist believing in the resurrection.Guess that was a theoretical question you porposed.
I can not fathom them actually believing this unless they have actual facts and evidence knowing scientist can only believe by documented facts as that is their doctrine.

This does bring up a question about the prophesized up comming Rapture as stated by Jesus and in revalations. The earthly bodies will vanish in a blink of an eye as He says " you, come up here".

Apparently as the chosen ones ascend they must be going through a transformation with powers we cannot imagine yet even in this so called advanced age of science.

Not being heavily into theology yet, I can only trust in what the Scriptures of the bible tells me and trust the Words in faith alone. I think that is all that God wants us to do in the first place and leave the debates to the scholars.

photogr said...

I think if one wants to find out more on the Rapture, Tim Lahaye has many books dedicated to this.