Monday, April 06, 2009

Eli's Day

Today was a good day in spite of the mid-afternoon April snow shower and the Reds losing on opening day. Today was all about Eli Boyd. We slept in (ok...that part was really about me) and then headed out on a twelve hour road trip. It began at the Waffle House in Monroe. He liked the bacon, but not the chocolate chip waffle. (The rest of my day included a constant stomachache. I think I've had my last Waffle House breakfast for a while.)

From there it was off to COSI in downtown Columbus. He had been when he was four years old while visiting my parents, but couldn't remember it. We actually had a coupon and both of us got in for less than $15. That was a heck of a value. I've been to my share of children's science museums around the country and COSI might be the best. I grew up going there on school field trips every year. It's in a new (and better) building now, but there's something about seeing your kid experience the same things that you did at the same age. He had a good time.

From there we headed over to Easton and ate at one of Eli's favorite restaurants, California Pizza Kitchen. There isn't one near our house. He thought they were only in California, so he was very excited when we pulled in.

His last request was a stop at Target where he spent every allowance dollar to his name on a big lego kit. It took him twenty minutes to decide which one to get. He takes the purchase of legos very seriously. I popped for Airheads at the checkout line. (He has terrible taste in candy.) He slept all the way home. When he was little he always slept in the car, but rarely does anymore. It seemed right somehow. We had several great talks throughout the day about God and life. Nothing major happened, but I have a feeling that neither of us will ever forget today.


steg stories said...

I miss those days

Mike Weaver said...

What a great day.

Amber_Feltner said...

That is so awesome, my husband and i try to do alone days with each of our four daughters. I think you need that time to get to know each other without the crowd.

Jon said...

Legos are serious business. Some of my best friendships started and ended over a table of Legos.

My son is three and I have started those days. They usually involve going to Home Depot to sit on all of the riding mowers, then to the Museum Center, then to LaRosa's. Luckily, they will now involve Red's games.