Monday, May 24, 2010

Book Bums Tues. Night

Being a first-time author, I have very little experience on the "press" side of things. I did an interview in Pittsburgh a few days ago with the Cornerstone TV Network that will air this coming Friday.  My publicist has booked three local book signings in the Cincinnati area. Those are much more scary than TV and radio interviews. I have to think most authors are introverts. Book signings are very...intimate.

That said, I'd love to have a few friendly faces drop by for the first one tomorrow (Tuesday) night. You don't have to buy a book...just hang out with me and help me make uncomfortable small talk with strangers. It's at a newer coffee shop in West Chester called Book Bums. I'll be doing some readings and book give-a-ways between 6pm-8pm. The address is 8992 Cincinnati Dayton Road in West Chester, OH.

I'll also be at Joseph Beth Booksellers (Rookwood) and Barnes & Noble (West Chester) in June. I should say that it has been very cool how much local bookstores have supported Between Two Kingdoms. Books-a-Million, Barnes & Noble and Joseph Beth are all carrying it locally.

I'm also teaching this weekend for my friends at Eastside Christian Church in Milford. Feel free to drop by if you live way over there on the other side of the world. (You Vineyard-ites aren't going to want to miss the final weekend of the PRAY series this weekend though. I'm very excited about what it could mean for our future...)

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