Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Come One, Come All!

All of you are cordially invited to the following events in my life. You should come to at least one of them because you want to be with me...and another one because you feel guilty about not coming.

1. Saturday, August 2: Our Housewarming Party!

It starts at 3 pm and goes until all hours. Shoot me an email if you need directions. We will be feeding people around 6 pm.

2. Saturday, August 16: Introducing "Unlikelty Probability"

This is a new improv group that has formed with my friends from Second City. We will be performing at the Art and Coffee, which is located in NW Vegas at the intersection of Tenaya and Alexander. $5 gets you a coffee drink and the hour long show. It starts at 6:00.

3. Friday, August 22: Five Dollar Funny

This is Saga's comedy romp. It's going to be great. 8 pm at the Clark County Theater in the Library located on Flamingo at Maryland. Tickets are $6 in advance, $8 at the door. Check out the website for details.

4. Friday, August 29: Five Dollar Funny

Same as above.

5. Monday, September 1: Second City Student Showcase

This is a graduation of sorts from third level training. The show is at 10 pm at the Las Vegas Little Theater (3844 Schiff Dr. Call 362-7996 for directions.) Tickets are $5.

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