Wednesday, July 02, 2003


Now we are in Indiana at Deb's parents. The trip is going well. I'll be flying into Vegas this weekend, but since my speaking engagement was pushed back, I will only be there for a day or so to take my first class of third level Second City training. Then we will begin the journey home on Wednesday, a week from today.

I'm reading Philip K Dick now. He was a sci-fi author who wrote a few decades back. He was also influential on The Matrix creators.

My wife says that I don't blog anything spiritual or deep anymore...maybe she's right. Maybe she's not. Maybe I'm not deep anymore. Maybe deep is in the eye of the beholder.

Either way, she's right in noticing that the things I think about these days are different than they used to be. I'm happier at least. I had breakfast a few days ago with a long time friend who asked if I was less depressed because I have a peace with God or because I'm running from Him...I said, "I don't know." Maybe I'm running with Him.

Being back in the midwest has made me see how different I turned out than I should have. It has made me realize that I like the me I have become. I also realize that I used to like to come home to shock people with my differences and now I just want to hide them and get back to Vegas so that I don't have to come across as a rebel or disrespectful.

Here' s something deep: Jesus is still calling me out of religion and into the real and living Kingdom of God. The last few steps out are the scariest and most difficult. I'm not going to look very "christian" when its said and done. Oh well...such is life among the devourers of the red pill.

Peace to you.

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