Friday, July 18, 2003

I Have A Dream, actually I have quite a few...

Ah, the beautiful insanity of life. So many dreams, so much fear to follow them. This week I have met with my friends. One who dreams of starting a church, one who dreams of producing a feature length motion picture, one who dreams of making guitars in his garage, one who dreams of making an honest living from his art, one who dreams of growing up to be a good wife and mother, one who dreams of a new vocation that helps people, one who dreams of a business that can survive and be a ministry, one who dreams of a career in music that's not money driven, one who dreams of leaving Best Buy for SNL, one who dreams of a day when her kids won't wear her out, one who dreams of enough free time to follow his dreams.

And then there's me. A compulsive dreamer. The dreamer of dreamers.

There is nothing more real than a dream. Reality is the fantasy that everyone must endure to survive to our next dream. Our very dreams themselves are our ultimate reality...not the attainment of our dreams, but the very truth that we do dream. It makes us who we makes us NOT monkeys or makes us creators.

The Creator created little creature/creators to create in his image.

Pointlessness points to a Creator. What use is beauty? music? love? It is pointless...a waste of energy. Only a Beautiful Creator would create creatures capable of creating beauty. This, today, is my ultimate apologetic. This makes me a theist. (Not atheist...a "theist".) A cosmic computer program could have never made a blowfish, a rainforest, or Michaelangelo.

Dream. Create. Dream Again.

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