Tuesday, March 09, 2004


Hawaii is becoming more of a reality. I should know this week if TNT wants me to go for sure, then we just need to see if we can do it without losing $. I would get paid around $2,000 per month...which is good for 15 hours of work per week, but not quite enough to survive there. Deb or I could get a day job a few days per week to make do.

Debbie seems really excited about the possibility, so I'm rather motivated to pursue it. I would say that it has gone from a 1% chance of happening to a 50% chance. I find out tomorrow about a pilot that I auditioned for in LA. I'm not really expecting to get it, but they were very positive during the audition. That could wrinkle Hawaii planning as well.

Ah, the joys of uncertainty and possibility.

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