Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Please Don't Look for me on The OC

As it turns out, this OC stuff is going to be all extra work. It's not really acting, but they still give you money. There is a slight chance that something good may come of it, but its really nothing too impressive. I'm quite troubled by being an extra and I'm not sure why. It's humbling for sure, but I need money and sitting by a pool all day for $100 aint a bad job. The other extras are so excited about it...I'm kinda ashamed of their enthusiasm I guess.

Reasons to be an extra:

1. You like to hang out with TV/Movie Stars.

2. You think its real acting.

3. You have some delusion that you will hook up with a model.

4. You got nothing better to do.

5. You are good looking, but too dumb to do anything else.

6. You need money.

Reasons I am an extra this week:

see #6 only (and maybe the second half of #5)

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