Sunday, July 25, 2004

Home Sweet Home

We are in the new place, which means that I can actually get on the internet from my own home.  I plan on blogging more frequently again.  I filmed a local commercial for Coast Casinos this week.  The shoot was from 10 pm-8 am Thursday night/Friday morning, so I am a little sleep deprived.  I don't do well without sleep.  I'd rather not eat for three days than not sleep for makes me crazy.

The new house is nice.  It's smaller than the last house that we owned on our own, but it doesn't feel small to me.  It has wood floors which is new for me.  We got a new computer and  new toaster oven...what else could one ask for?  Things are good.

Its so freakin hella hot here.  I'm ready for a nice 90 degree day.  (That's autumn here.)  I'm ready for football season.  I'm ready to have the option to wear blue jeans if I feel like it.

More thoughts to come...thanks for hanging in there during the blogging draught.

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