Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Argh! My last two auditions have not been pretty. They were both for big SAG projects and I pretty much choked both times. I used to be so freakin' confident at auditons, before I knew any better. Since moving here I have struggled with SAG auditions because I psyche myself into believing everyone else in the waiting room is a pro and I'm still this non-union wannabe...even though I could join tomorrow and probablty have as many credits as most of them...blah, blah, blah.

So, I drove immediately from my big Coca-Cola audition to Margie Haber Studios and signed up for Audition Technique Classes. Margie is very well known around town and has lots of clients you would recognize. I had taken a workshop with her in Las Vegas last year and she remembered me after a few minutes, which was nice. They have three levels and they placed me in the middle one, which is probably best. The advanced level is really for people who have a lot of SAG film and tv credits and the beginning level is mainly for people who have only done theater and commercials...I'm definately in the middle. Classes start next Tuesday and run four weeks, eight sessions. I need them.

Otherwise, we are doing ok. Debbie's parents come in this weekend to visit for the first time. That should be nice. We will get to go on our first real date in four months! Babysitters are hard to come by these days.


Amy said...

I dig Paul Anka singing Eye of the Tiger!

Keep your chin up, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Love and miss you guys

dennis said...

I hear you, choked on the audition today for "Metrosexual". Will be doing Caryn West's audition skills class next month.