Saturday, December 03, 2005

Days of our Life...

For all of you asking, it probably won't be worth the effort to try to see me on General Hospital. I think the six episodes that I appear in begin the week of Christmas. I pretty much just stand outside of the hotel lobby and let people in and out. No lines yet. I finally read for the casting director on Thursday and she said they will continue to use me as the doorman, and possibly some other speaking roles in 2006. So, it's definately a good thing, but nothing to spectacular on screen.

The bigger news is that I have the third and probably final callback for a series regular on Punk'd this coming Monday afternoon. That would be a pretty big gig for me at this point. One of the regulars last year is a new SNL cast member this year and some of the others have appeared in Ashton's movies, etc. The actual work itself would be well suited for me. It's not much different that what I did for two years at Tony n Tina's, except that people would have no idea I was acting...but I'm confident it's something I could do well.

All of this and the sitcom pilot that I've been working with is now in pre-production and should be filming just before Christmas. The year is definately ending in a chaotic burst of activity.

As for life in the family, we are all doing pretty well. The kids are excited for Christmas and we have decorated the apartment. Debbie is a party-selling machine. Stuff at church is good. I started a series in Matthew last night that I plan on continuing into the spring. It's good to spend time in the gospels. Jesus makes me want to follow him, even when his followers don't.

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