Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year's Computer Virus

Argh. I was doing a websearch for this director that I worked with last year and my computer was attacked by "spysheriff" adware. It has shut down everything including access to the internet, norton anti-virus, and even the ability to click on "my computer." If you have had this happen please post a comment as to what I should do...

Until then I'll be suffering by using my laptop only...I know, it's rather sad.


Greg said...

Joe, you could always get a Mac? :-)

miah said...

ARGH! I spent an afternoon trying to fix that stupid thing on a friend's computer.

Try downloading this program. It's free for 15 days.


This problem is pretty serious and just gets worse each time you turn the system on as it digs itself deeper and installs other hacks. You might have to take it to somebody to get it fixed.

When all that's done, get a Mac.