Sunday, January 29, 2006

Another One

I shot another sit-com pilot tonight. It was a lot of fun...much like the last one. It's independent without a buyer, being shopped, etc. We shot it in a studio near downtown LA. Desperate Housewives is shooting there next week. Pretty cool. I was to be a guest star, but they had me improv a bunch and bumped me up to series regular. I go back one day next week as well. (That's a big deal if it does get picked up...not so much if it doesn't.)

No word on the four auditions from Wednesday, but I did my best at all of them. I would like to land a commercial soon to have some residual paychecks roll in. It's really freakin' expensive to live here.

I got my SAG card in the mail yesterday. It does make everything seem more real and legitimate. All that and we hooked up our Tivo this week. (It was our Christmas gift to each other.) It's way cool.

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