Friday, January 13, 2006

Keepin' On

I joined SAG earlier this week, so I'm a real actor now I guess. No getting around it really. It means, at least at first, that auditions will slow down a bit. I'm no longer permitted to do projects that are non-union. I read for a small roll in a Sharon Stone movie and also had an interesting audition for Hugh Jackman's body double in another. Normally it wouldn't be too exciting to be a body double, but it sounds like this is a green screen thing where I would actually be acting a lot opposite of Hugh...I think he's very talented so that would be cool if it happens.

I have another audition tomorrow for a romantic comedy. So...a few less auditions since joining, but from here on out they will all be worthwhile projects.

I leave for Las Vegas to do some convention work Monday. I'll have to work eight hour days like a grown-up. Good pay though.

For you OC locals, I will be performing in a sketch comedy show with the OC Crazies on Saturday, January 21. It's the same theater as last time. I'll post the details here next week.

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Sherry said...

Way to go Joe, what an awesome accomplishment! Congrats!