Saturday, April 08, 2006

Finally back home

I haven't stopped to think for a few days now. Debbie and the boys left Thursday night to go to Indiana for the week. The next morning I shot a commercial for Lending Tree all day until Lifelines. It was close. I wrapped at 5:00 in LA and pulled into the church parking lot at 6:55. Today I read for the casting director of How I Met Your Mother. It went well.

I'm home now and very tired. I was considering going back to Vegas this week sometime, but now I'm unsure if it will work out with my audition schedule. I'm going to crash tonight and see what tomorrow brings.

Tomorrow is my 33rd birthday. Perhaps some great epiphany awaits...I'll keep you posted.


darren said...

happy birthday joe!

Marti said...

sorry Joe... got the wrong date somehow... transposing error no doubt! Got it down right now... happy birthday!!!